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I understand that the search for family can be an emotional and challenging process, especially for adoptees or those who don't know their biological parents. It can feel like a missing puzzle piece that just can't be found. But I want you to know that you're not alone. As an investigative genetic genealogist, I've been where you are, searching for answers about my own biological family. And now,

I'm here to help you find yours.

The Genetic Genealogist with a Passion for Solving Mysteries

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To get you the answers that you deserve about your identity and to guide you through the entire process.


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Hi. I’m Shayna. I’m an engineering designer, the founder of a local nonprofit for foster children and I solved my own DNA mystery in the summer of 2016 by finding my biological father. After finding my father and having a brief relationship with him before he passed away that Thanksgiving I found that I wasn’t done with this chapter of my life and began helping others with their own genetic puzzles. At first I only accepted clients with the most “unsolvable” cases because the amount of time and effort was just enough to keep my mind off of my own heartache from losing my father so soon after finding him. Eventually my client base grew as I solved those puzzles and word got out that I could help even in some of the hardest situations. Since 2016 I have solved hundreds of cases for adoptees, people with misattributed parentage (NPE), donor conceived individuals and more. 

I have always had a love for solving mysteries

True Story

"Shayna was super helpful. She quickly found information I had been searching years to find. High recommend. She knows her stuff. Has
the experience and is eager to help."

- Client, 2022

"She knows her stuff."

- Client, 2022

"I'm 29 years old & knew nothing but a name. Within minutes, she was on the hunt & within days, she not only found my dad but also found a sister, a brother, & a host of other family members. Shayna is fast, easy to work with, & so very kind. She cares about her job but not just that, she also cares about the ones she is working with."

"Thanks so much Shayna for taking the time out of your life to help me complete a part in my life!"


Unraveling your genetic history starts with a call and a DNA sample. I'll handle the rest. Schedule your call now and let me find you the answers you seek.

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