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Shayna Landry has solved hundreds of DNA mysteries over the years using the expertise in Genetic Genealogy and Investigation that she acquired while digging deeper into her own DNA to find her biological father. 

Helping to reunify long lost friends & family members


 What started out as a “Just for Fun” AncestryDNA test in 2015, then turned into a mystery with the shock of a lifetime in 2016, and has since morphed into a passion and drive to help others solve their own mysteries.

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Schedule a Consultation & Send over your DNA. 

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Shayna will analyze your DNA & use interpolation techniques to find your family.

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You are presented with your target’s information and your family tree.


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- Client, 2022

"She worked so hard to find out some information that I thought was impossible and really helped me during a very difficult time in finding answers so that I could move on. She’s incredibly talented and one of the nicest people ever as well."

"Shayna was amazing!!"

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Unlock the intriguing tales hidden within your DNA with the expertise of Shayna Landry, a seasoned Genetic Genealogist. Book your call today and embark on journey to discover your past.

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